Create application in sitecore

If you search on the web “how to create application in Sitecore”, you will find most articles are talking about SPEAK. but in this post i will explain another simple approach to have an application in Sitecore, if you don’t want to use speak UI components.

In my example I will create an application to display list of requests coming from a form on the front-end website. and i will add this application to Sitecore launchpad.

1) Create aspx page and put whatever code you want in this page. and add it to /sitecore/admin/mediarequest/requestresults.aspx

2) Go to Sitecore -> Desktop -> and switch to core database:


3) I want to add application icon for my application and map it to requestresults.aspx page,  open the Content Editor, and navigate to :




4) Under Buttons item, you will find four items each one of these items represents launchpad group :



5)You can add your application under any group or you can create your own group, in our example will add it under tools, you can define the text and icon that will be displayed on launchpad, for my example, the text is “Media Request Results”


4) From behavior section we will provide the path to the requestresults.aspx page in link field.


5) Now when you go to launchpad you will see the application there :


6) When click on this application will open the page :



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