Segment Records Reduce Functionality

If you compare between Sitecore and Google analytics, you will see there are differences between collected data, this is expected as they use two different ways of gathering information:

  • Google Analytics is a JavaScript-based client-side technology, while Sitecore Analytics is a .NET-based server side one, which typically means more accurate data.
  • Sitecore does not count all the incoming requests, It uses ASP.NET sessions and browser cookies to distinguish unique users.

But, there is important thing, you have to be aware of, it’s called Sitecore Reduce functionality.

What is Sitecore Reducer functionality ?

In Sitecore, the aggregation subsystem will collect facts (visits and value number per day) about every group of every dimension e.g. for country,city,region dimension you have all the countries and cities etc. Also Dimension key can stores unique statistic information about triggered goals, Country value etc.

The reducer will roll-up the least important groups(let say countries) per day into a single synthetic “other” group. Important is defined with sorted visits and value data. If e.g. 10,000 unique pages were visited in a single day, the reducer will by default only keep facts about the 1000 most significant pages, and summarize the facts for the least significant 9000 pages into a single row to keep data consumption and read performance predictable.

Can I disable this functionality?

Definitely Yes, with Sitecore everything is possible, there is a configuration called :


  • It has all configurations for the reduce process, for example you can specify the number of days to keep the records non-reduced, there is key called retentionDays and by default is 7 days.
Note:If you have a look to the Sitecore documentation for how to configure
the reporting server, this configuration file should be enabled, it is 
better for performance. 
  • You can also disable the reducer for specific dimensions, in same configuration file under : sitecore/experienceAnalytics/reduce/dimensions.

For example if you need to disable the reducer functionality for Page Views you just need to comment-out the following line:


  • You can also disable the whole functionality by disable this file, and it will disable all dimensions, just change the name to be Sitecore.ExperienceAnalytics.Reduce.config.disabled

This file already enabled on reporting server on the production, and my data is already reduced, can I restore the reduced data?

Yes, You Can :), you just need to choose one of the disable options that i have mentioned above, and perform Rebuild of Reporting Database, by following the steps in this link:

I hope that i covered all the points related to Sitecore Reducer functionality, and I hope you find this post helpful, If you have any additional knowledge on this subject, comments or questions, please let me know in the comments section below.

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