End To End Campaign using Sitecore Marketing Automation

Campaign is promotion that encourage people to visit your website, in this blog post I will use Sitecore digital marketing applications to create end to end automated campaigns, this will show how to bring anonymous users to the website, adding them as identified contacts, and therefore maximize the conversion rates.


  • Create campaign to register for an event. (generated link can be added to social medial , e.g Facebook campaign).
  • Anonymous user will be interested on this event and he will click on the campaign.
  • Anonymous User will be redirected to register page (lead page) on the website.
  • Anonymous User will be asked to fill out some basic information like Name, job, Email.
  • Once user is registered we will add him as identified Contact, and send him confirmation email, then we will engage this user to a marketing plan.
  • Adding this user to contact list “registered users list“.
  • After 3 days we will send another email to the user, offering him 20% discount.
  • Link to sign up page will be included in the email, and once the user is clicked on that link he will be landed to sign-up page.
  • User will sign-up and he will be moved to another contact list “interested in summer offer list”.

Sitecore applications I have used for this exercise

  • Campaign Creator: creating two campaigns one for landing page, other one for sign-up.
  • EXM: to create emails template, one for event registration confirmation, another one for discount offer.
  • List Manager: for user segmentation, in our scenario we will have two lists:
    • Registered list: contains only contacts who registered to attend the event.
    • Interested in Summer offer list: contains only contacts who are registered to attend the event, and they sign-up to get the discount.
  • Sitecore Forms: to build forms for event registration and sign-up.
  • Marketing control Panel: creating two goals, registration and sign-up
  • Marketing Automation: Making above campaigns automated and enroll contacts in automated plan based on certain rules.


  • Using Sitecore Campaign Creator, i have created two campaigns: Untitled.png Campaign pages:
    • New Register (Landing page for event registration) register
    • Get Discount (Sign-Up Page)Signup
  • Using Sitecore Email Experience Manager to create the emailsexm.pngEmails:
    • Event Registration Confirmation: exm1.png
    • Discount Email: it has link to sign-up pageexm2.png
  • Using List manager to create two lists:
    • Registered List: contacts who registered for the event.
    • Interested in Summer Offer: contacts who interested to get 20% discount.listmanager.pngThis for contacts segmentation, once the user registered for the event, we will add him to registered list, and after one 3 days will send him offer for summer offer which is 20% discount, this email will have link to sign-up page, once the user signed up we will move him from registered list to interested in summer offer list.
  • Using Sitecore Forms to create Event Registration and Sign-Up formsforms.png
    • Register Form:registerform.png
    • Sign-Up form:Signupform.png
    • I have created two goals one for Registration another one for sign-upgoals.png
    • Create custom submit action to Identify anonymous contact on the register form, I wrote custom code for this when the user click on submit button on the registration page, Tomas’s blog post was my guideline to start with this.
  • Using Sitecore Marketing Automation to create automated flow and enroll contacts in the engagement plan:automationmarketing.png


  • Experience Profile: shows sample the users who registered for the eventexpreinceprofile.png
  • Event Registration Campaign Reportreport1.png
  • Goals and conversion rates:goalsreport.png

I hope you find this post helpful, If you have any additional knowledge on this subject, comments or questions, please let me know in the comments section below.

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