WFFM – Send Email Based on dropdown list selection

Let assume that you have contact us form and you need to send email based on selected enquiry from drop-down list :   you can achieve that by 4 steps : 1)  Adding enquiry types in Sitecore under global folder and  define email field for each enquiry:   2) Create drop list field in contact … Continue reading WFFM – Send Email Based on dropdown list selection

Replace Custom tokens in RTE field with Some Values

I had a requirement from one of our clients, he was asking, if i have a keyword in RTE field in Sitecore, it is like a shared keyword will be used cross the site, so when i change it in one place, i need this keyword to be changed on other items that has this field … Continue reading Replace Custom tokens in RTE field with Some Values

Alphabet Dictionary Module

With this module you can define different dictionary folder for each Site you have or you can define shared dictionary folder cross some sites as well. it is useful when you  have multi Sites installed in Sitecore content tree and you need to organize your Dictionary items in proper way to avoid conflicts. i am … Continue reading Alphabet Dictionary Module

Sitecore Tags Field (Tags and Autocomplete)

Tag field is using tag-it jquery plugin , where it shows suggested tags from repository in Sitecore as auto-complete, or you add new tags not available in the repository and it will be added to the repository when you save the item, Installation and Configurations are available on github: Sitecore Marketplace : Video : Key Features … Continue reading Sitecore Tags Field (Tags and Autocomplete)

Sitecore Personalization on non-Sitecore Websites

IF you have external website not managed by Sitecore,   and you want to implement some personalization rules, create goals, track visitor intercations ... etc, you still can do that by using  Federated Experience Manager (FXM) In this post i will explain how we can do simple personlization on external website not managed by Sitecore … Continue reading Sitecore Personalization on non-Sitecore Websites

Solr Replication With Sitecore

In this blog post i will explain what is the solr replication and how to configure Solr Master-Slave replication with Sitecore with minimum number of servers. First of all  I want to explain when we should use Solr instead of lucene. When Should We Use Solr Instead Of Lucene ? As we know Sitecore support both Lucene and Solr engine, and … Continue reading Solr Replication With Sitecore

Deep Publishing Of Related Items With Sitecore Experience Editor

Problem : Let's assume that we have callout on our page, this callout has Image, summary and list of Links: In Sitecore content tree, we will have folder contains this callout,  and Links as children: and we have component to display this callout and we are pointing to that callout by datasource property : Now when we change anything on … Continue reading Deep Publishing Of Related Items With Sitecore Experience Editor