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Replace Custom tokens in RTE field with Some Values

I had a requirement from one of our clients, he was asking, if i have a keyword in RTE field in Sitecore, it is like a shared keyword will be used cross the site, so when i change it in one place, i need this keyword to be changed on other items that has this field … Continue reading Replace Custom tokens in RTE field with Some Values

Alphabet Dictionary Module

With this module you can define different dictionary folder for each Site you have or you can define shared dictionary folder cross some sites as well. it is useful when you  have multi Sites installed in Sitecore content tree and you need to organize your Dictionary items in proper way to avoid conflicts. i am … Continue reading Alphabet Dictionary Module

Sitecore Tags Field (Tags and Autocomplete)

Tag field is using tag-it jquery plugin , where it shows suggested tags from repository in Sitecore as auto-complete, or you add new tags not available in the repository and it will be added to the repository when you save the item, Installation and Configurations are available on github: https://github.com/abarhoum/TagControl Sitecore Marketplace : https://marketplace.sitecore.net/en/Modules/T/Tags_Field.aspx Video :  https://youtu.be/UYu_gJPA7Ds Key Features … Continue reading Sitecore Tags Field (Tags and Autocomplete)

Custom Caching In Sitecore

Sitecore has a great caching mechanism,   in this post I will explain how you can implement custom caching with Sitecore for our custom objects to have better performance. I have Sitecore Setting item, it contains the path for the website navigations. I am using glass mapper to cast settings item to my class: public class SettingsModel … Continue reading Custom Caching In Sitecore