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Segment Records Reduce Functionality

If you compare between Sitecore and Google analytics, you will see there are differences between collected data, this is expected as they use two different ways of gathering information: Google Analytics is a JavaScript-based client-side technology, while Sitecore Analytics is a .NET-based server side one, which typically means more accurate data. Sitecore does not count … Continue reading Segment Records Reduce Functionality

Multivariate Testing with Sitecore

In this post I will explain how you can set up multivariate testing with Sitecore, if you don't know about what I am talking, checkout the link below will give you good idea about A/B and Multivariate Testing https://www.optimizely.com/optimization-glossary/multivariate-test-vs-ab-test/ The Scenario We have website to sell products, and when the user needs inquiry about specific … Continue reading Multivariate Testing with Sitecore

Create Items in Master DB from CD Environment

When you deploy your website to production, you have to configure CM and CDs servers,  the infrastructure will look like this: As we see in the diagram, CM Server will have access to Master, Core and Web while the CDs Servers will have access only to the Pub Database (Live one), and Core. and in … Continue reading Create Items in Master DB from CD Environment

WFFM – Send Email Based on dropdown list selection

Let assume that you have contact us form and you need to send email based on selected enquiry from drop-down list :   you can achieve that by 4 steps : 1)  Adding enquiry types in Sitecore under global folder and  define email field for each enquiry:   2) Create drop list field in contact … Continue reading WFFM – Send Email Based on dropdown list selection

Alphabet Dictionary Module

With this module you can define different dictionary folder for each Site you have or you can define shared dictionary folder cross some sites as well. it is useful when you  have multi Sites installed in Sitecore content tree and you need to organize your Dictionary items in proper way to avoid conflicts. i am … Continue reading Alphabet Dictionary Module

Sitecore Personalization on non-Sitecore Websites

IF you have external website not managed by Sitecore,   and you want to implement some personalization rules, create goals, track visitor intercations ... etc, you still can do that by using  Federated Experience Manager (FXM) In this post i will explain how we can do simple personlization on external website not managed by Sitecore … Continue reading Sitecore Personalization on non-Sitecore Websites

Solr Replication With Sitecore

In this blog post i will explain what is the solr replication and how to configure Solr Master-Slave replication with Sitecore with minimum number of servers. First of all  I want to explain when we should use Solr instead of lucene. When Should We Use Solr Instead Of Lucene ? As we know Sitecore support both Lucene and Solr engine, and … Continue reading Solr Replication With Sitecore

Deep Publishing Of Related Items With Sitecore Experience Editor

Problem : Let's assume that we have callout on our page, this callout has Image, summary and list of Links: In Sitecore content tree, we will have folder contains this callout,  and Links as children: and we have component to display this callout and we are pointing to that callout by datasource property : Now when we change anything on … Continue reading Deep Publishing Of Related Items With Sitecore Experience Editor

Setting up indexes for multi-site Sitecore

When you  start working on multi-sites project ,one of the things will come cross your mind is indexing, and do we really need one index or it is better to have multi indexes. I was working on 16 websites running on one Sitecore instance, actually those websites are using different content,  so each website has its … Continue reading Setting up indexes for multi-site Sitecore

Create application in sitecore

If you search on the web "how to create application in Sitecore", you will find most articles are talking about SPEAK. but in this post i will explain another simple approach to have an application in Sitecore, if you don't want to use speak UI components. In my example I will create an application to display list of requests coming from a form on the … Continue reading Create application in sitecore