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Solr Replication With Sitecore

In this blog post i will explain what is the solr replication and how to configure Solr Master-Slave replication with Sitecore with minimum number of servers. First of all  I want to explain when we should use Solr instead of lucene. When Should We Use Solr Instead Of Lucene ? As we know Sitecore support both Lucene and Solr engine, and … Continue reading Solr Replication With Sitecore

Setting up indexes for multi-site Sitecore

When you  start working on multi-sites project ,one of the things will come cross your mind is indexing, and do we really need one index or it is better to have multi indexes. I was working on 16 websites running on one Sitecore instance, actually those websites are using different content,  so each website has its … Continue reading Setting up indexes for multi-site Sitecore